About Us

WI Harper is a pioneer in cross-border investments with offices in Beijing, Taipei, and San Francisco.  

For nearly three decades, we have backed visionary entrepreneurs in both US and Greater China.  

Since inception, we have invested in over 350 companies and have seen more than 100 successful liquidity events.  

We look for promising early-stage TMT and healthcare companies where we can add value through our long-term exposure, experience, and relationships in US and Greater China as they seek to expand across the two markets.

Investment Focus

Founder First

We have backed proven entrepreneurs as well as first time founders.  Most importantly, we invest in inspirational founders who want to execute on big ideas. We like founders who not only challenge the status quo but also challenge us to think differently.  We look for opportunities across all sectors as long as WI Harper can provide value-add.


For nearly three decades, WI Harper has been a leading investor in a broad range of disruptive technologies in sectors including internet, wireless communications, digital media, electronics, technology-enabled services, and semiconductors.  As the pervasiveness of software and mobile devices have become dominant themes, there is a tremendous number of new opportunities that can bridge the US and Greater China markets.  The verticals that our recent investments seek in include: software automation, block chain applications beyond digital currency, autonomous driving, big data, and AI.


Healthcare is an enormous market opportunity that is still not fully disrupted.  Recent developments in the US and Chinese markets have shifted the landscape – broader insurance coverage, changing socioeconomics and demographics, widespread mobile internet, globalization of manufacturing and innovation, and advances in biomedical research.  These trends enable new approaches to the healthcare industry and we are currently focused on: biotechnology, digital health, medical devices, and therapeutics.

The WI Harper Advantage

As one of the world’s cross-border VC firms, WI Harper utilizes a unique approach in helping early-stage companies achieve success on both sides of the Pacific.


Our offices across three geographies work seamlessly as one team to identify and capitalize on cross-border trends and investments.  This approach provides us with access to the entire market opportunity in Greater China – not just with domestic Chinese companies.


WI Harper has spent decades fostering deep relationships with state and local government leaders while creating value to the Greater China region.  For instance, we played an integral role in establishing China’s 3G TDS-CDMA standard.  The firm also has extensive ties to the tech industry with advisors from notable companies in both the US and Greater China.  


Our investment professionals take a “lean forward” approach in partnering with our entrepreneurs.  We assist our portfolio companies in unlocking access to unique opportunities across the two regions while helping to tackle any challenges along the way.  This approach has resulted us in having one of the industry’s lowest portfolio loss ratios.