Our Team

Building a thriving company is a challenge. Especially those set out to redefine the status quo. At the early stages, the first directions you take can have lasting implications for the future. We partner early because this is when meaningful support is needed the most.

Our team of experts have dynamic, complimentary skillsets armed with deep industry experience and wealth of know-how to help our founders navigate, strategize and grow.

We make it our mission to be the most useful support to our partners. Meet the team who are building the fittest companies that thrive.

Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang

Dr. Dongxiao Zhang

Jianming Yu

Yannis Yortsos

Yuanqing Yang

Peidong Yang

William Wang

Dr. Norman Tien

Dr. Heizo Takenaka

Jay Penske

Jeffrey Li

Dr. Ge Li

Dr. Lou-Chang Lee

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

Dr. Lawrence J. Lau

Zhaoguang Hu

Richard Hilleman

Enrico Cucchiani

Sanford R. Climan

Wu-Fu Chen

Steve Chen

John Chen

Willie Brown

Eric Benhamou

Dr. Claude Amos

Dr. Lishan Aklog

Dr. Hao-Lin Chen

CT Yip

Paul Lin

Dr. Chris Xu

George Yeh

Jaclyn Tsai

Dr. Johnsee Lee

Dr. Weichen Tien

Dr. Allen Chang

Leland Lai

Brock Reeve