He knows how to roll up industry innovation and investment!

WI Harper Group, the international venture capital firm , continues to implement the “ Bridge Model ” chain-linking action. This year, Asia Meet Up will be held to create a communication platform for new ventures and industries. The chairman of the US-China WI Harper Liu Yuhuan firmly believes that ” Interaction ” is the best ignitor for establishing relationships and generating all kinds of fireworks. It is so important that investment and innovation are the important cornerstones of touch investment and Important conditions for cooperation. And Asia Meet-Up is the key to open the door to cooperation.

“The true value of WI Harper Group is to provide many intangible added value and experience. Through our best investment, we will drive new development and simultaneously innovate and invest in industry. At the same time, we sincerely thank the Ministry of Science and Technology and Administration. With the support of the National Development Fund Management Association, we continue to develop our expertise and continue to focus on new and assisted industries through the venture capital ecosystem built over the years. With Asia Meet Up , we will implement the China Economic Cooperation Bridge model and implement it. Commitment to new ventures and industries,” said Liu Hongxiang, a partner of the US-China WI Harper Group.

This Asia Meet Up is based on the  ” Evolving Life Style” and is named after the life-related new team. The main purpose is to convey how the new team can use the emerging digital technology to change and enhance the daily life.

Chen Yixue, a partner of the US-based WI Harper Group, pointed out that “life is full of various applications of technology. This is the result of years of new accumulations that have led to the development of funds or cooperation opportunities. The lack of wireless network is the best example. So it shows the relationship between new life and life.” Including IoT , platform content and e-commerce, AR / VR technology, programming language learning and robotics, artificial intelligence applications, etc., these look When the unreachable term is replaced by the name of its brand, it will be found that it is around the life and has gradually changed the way you live.

“Interaction” and “communication” will be done by everyone, but it is not easy to be able to do it efficiently, but this is the secret of CYTS’s successful operation of venture capital over the years. Expanding venture capital ecosystem and pulse envelope under the effective interaction and communication contact, in order to maintain the best condition, in order to continue amassing the most forward-looking vision to achieve a new record ideas, construct a better future.

He knows how to roll up industry innovation and investment!

Resvent Medical is a Shenzhen, China-based medical device and solution company focused on medical respiration & ventilation field, with its core management team having spun out of Mindray’s hospitals respiratory division, with over a decade of experience in homecare devices, clinical respiratory healthcare, intelligent information system, related consumable & accessories and value added services, and capable of building a globally competitive respiratory player – i.e. the RESMED of China.