Established in 2010, Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Ltd. aims to be a world-leading platform to provide innovative testing solutions to enhance the safety of everyday consumer products, such as food, drink and cosmetics, and to protect the environment. The Company is positioned as a bio-chemical testing services provider. The company’s first successful innovation is patented transgenic fish that can light up in green florescence while detecting toxins. The method can cut time and costs by up to 60% compared with the traditional testing method, and global cosmetics groups, F&B conglomerates and leading testing labs have endorsed it. The technology/protocol is being developed as a regional and international standard, and the government of Hong Kong has selected Vitargent as one of six most successful high-tech companies in the last decade. Vitargent provides an alternative invivotoxicity screening methods to replace animals testing which is the first company in Asia to introduce such a platform in compliance with European Union Directive.

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