Ellen Gao

Ms. Gao is a Venture Partner of WI Harper. She manages government relations, investor relations and portfolio management and exit to WI Harper. She served 5 years as SVP and Partner in WI Harper. Prior to WI Harper, she served over 5 years as the Chief Representative, Greater China at Red Herring magazine, runs Red Herring Asia Pacific from Beijing. Red Herring covers the business trends with insight that counts, serving today’s entrepreneurs and the technology of tomorrow.

Ms. Gao hasd strong experience and knowledge in the Information Technologies industry for over 12 years. Prior to Red Herring, she served as Chief Representative at MeetTime. She also advises China Mobile Communication Association as the Deputy Secretary-General since 2000. She serves as the Honorary Chairperson of Beijing Yangzhou Commerce Chamber. Ms. Gao has been appointed as Secretary General of The Asian Women Forum and The Asian Development Association in 2010. Ms. Gao founded the Global Ancient Culture Foundation in 2012.

Ms. Gao holds an M.A. from Nanjing University, School of Journalism & Communication, majored in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature. She also studied Commercial Management at Harvard Summer School.