Joyce Lee, Senior Associate

Ms. Joyce Lee is a Senior Associate with years of expertise and hands-on experience in Healthcare, Consumer and Enterprise TMT sectors. At present, Ms. Lee is based in WI Harper Taipei office where she works with our investment team to scout for new ventures and manage our key portfolio companies.

Ms. Lee joined Yuanta Financial Holdings in 2008 as an equity analyst at the Yuanta Securities and covered Healthcare and Finance industry. Yuanta is a leading Investment Bank in Greater China area and has been ranked among the top 10 “Best Regional Research” by Asia Money in consecutive years. In her years at Yuanta, Ms. Lee gained practical perspective and tremendous insight in the healthcare industry and capital market.

In 2013, Ms. Lee was invited to join Diamond BioFund, a $260 Million-dollar evergreen healthcare-focused fund supported by renowned Taiwanese Financial Holdings and Biotech Group. At Diamond BioFund, she specialized investment assets and companies in new drug development and pharmaceutical sector. Ms. Lee successfully led several investments across China and Taiwan and participated actively in portfolio management and served as board directors.

Ms. Lee holds a B.A. degree in Political Science and Economics, and an MBA in International Financial Management from National Cheng Kung University.