Peter Liu

Peter Liu Chairman

Chairman Peter Liu is a legendary visionary on maximizing shareholders’wealth in the ever challenging world of venture capital investments. Over the course of his illustrious career of thirty years as a savvy venture capitalist, Chairman Liu earned record-breaking returns for his investors through his unerring focus in selecting next-generation investment fields with the greatest development potential. He has invested in hundreds of rising tech companies based in the United States and Asia, many of which became publicly listed in major exchanges worldwide. Yet, the genuine ties and personal friendships that Chairman Liu has fostered (and is still fostering) over the course of three decades with top business and political leaders are just as valuable in helping him stay ahead of the competition by putting him in an absolutely unique position to influence major world policies and giving him access to breakthrough investment projects.

Born in Beijing, raised in Taiwan and educated in the U.S., Chairman Liu’s personal background and family relationships provide him with unparalleled access to senior Chinese officials and business leaders. Chairman Liu regularly acts as a bridge between East-West by hosting trade delegations from Europe and North America to meet senior executives from major Chinese enterprises.

Chairman Liu also serves as a Director on the “Fifth Council of the China Overseas Exchange Association”which is China’s most influential non-partisan organization comprised of prominent industry leaders tasked with the goal of promoting international business and cultural cooperation and exchanges.

As a Foundation Member of the World Economic Forum, Chairman Liu actively shares ideas with the greatest business and political minds to influence and foresee upcoming world agendas and policies. Chairman Liu meets one-on-one with top political and business leaders worldwide who learn from his unique understanding of and access to Greater China at the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings held at Davos, Switzerland.

Chairman Liu is also personal friends with many top European and American political and business leaders. During the summer of 2013, HSH Prince Albert II invited Chairman Liu to become a member of the “Monaco Ambassadors Club”, a non-profit association that promotes the Principality of Monaco worldwide. In June 2012, HSH Prince Albert II inducted Chairman Liu into the Yacht Club of Monaco, as its first-ever Chinese member. Since then, Chairman Liu has been engaging in “yacht club diplomacy”by helping to bridge the Yacht Club of Monaco with prominent yacht clubs in Greater China, such as the Shanghai Yacht Club and the Visun Yacht Club. He has also helped various Chinese cities establish sister-city status with their European counterparts, such as the ancient Chinese city of Dunhuang with Nice in the French Côte d’Azur.

Chairman Liu’s U.S. ties are equally impressive, serving as a long-time member of the Atlantic Council of U.S., formerly led by U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel as its chairman prior to serving as the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Chairman Liu also helped establish sister-city relations between San Francisco and Shanghai.

Chairman Liu believes that success should be shared with the community and gives a significant amount of his personal time in helping charities worldwide. He has been invited by the Flying Angels Foundation to serve as an honorary board member to help fund the air travels of patients in need of overseas treatment. Most recently, Chairman Liu has been appointed Special Director to the China Foundation for Disabled Persons, which Chinese President Xi Jinpin praised for its work in significantly improving the lives of millions of under-privileged Chinese citizens.

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