WI Harper-backed cloud communication services provider, RongCloud, has completed their Series C financing round

WI Harper Group | December 2, 2019

RongCloud, a global cloud communication service provider, announced the successful completion of their Series C financing round, which was jointly invested by Orient Securities Capital Investment Co., SDIC Venture Capital and WI Harper Group.  The primary use of these funds will be to build a global cloud communication model, focused on 3 areas: (1) product innovation and technology R&D, (2) buildout of a professional operational service, and (3) promotion of their global strategic layout. 

Vincent Gao, Senior Vice President at WI Harper Group shared:

“The cloud communication service market is very broad and technical.  Network barriers make it difficult for enterprises to pursue their own independent R&D projects, so we believe they will turn to third-party cloud communication services. The rapid rise of 5G and IoT will bring exponential growth to the cloud communication market, which is one of WI Harper’s key investment areas.”

Established in 2014, RongCloud is focused on cloud communication, as well as providing instant messaging (IM) and real-time audio and video communication to developers and enterprises. According to iResearch‘s data report, RongCloud’s cloud-based communication service has become one of the market leaders within IM over the past few years.

RongCloud’s technical team have come from the Fetion Technical Team and Samsung Research Institute. Through the private communication protocol and distributed micro-service architecture, the company ensures ensure that messages are neither lost, duplicated nor disorderly in high concurrency and weak network environments. Due to the team’s many years of R&D experience in the real-time audio and video market, RongCloud has posted excellent performance in terms of technical indicators.  For example, audio can resist 50% packet loss, video can resist 30% packet loss, and audio and video delay can be as low as 66ms.

RongCloud have also launched their five service systems this year: Rock (磐石), Sack (锦囊), Ark (方舟), Rubik’s Cube (魔方), and Exquisite (玲珑). By integrating current service capabilities with new service modules, RongCloud has built a service system that comprehensively covers the entire lifecycle of their customers.  They provide full-service coverage to customers across multiple dimensions, such as stability, reliability, security, personalization, and advancement.

Currently, RongCloud’s network covers 233 countries. The number of SDK users has reached more than 4 billion, the daily average message volume has reached 15 billion, and the daily message peak has exceeded 221.8 billion. RongCloud provides instant communication and real-time audio and video cloud services for more than 300 thousand applications. They have long served Vanke, Hello Bike, Opera, Autohome, iGet app, Yiche, CastBox, Doumi, Lizhi, and many other domestic and foreign customers across various industries.

With this Series C financing round, RongCloud will promote the development and globalization of cloud computing.  On the development front – the CEO of RongCloud, Ying Han, wants the company to continue consolidating their technical advantages within instant messaging and real-time audio and video, as well as improve the quality of professional services provided.  On the globalization initiative – RongCloud aims to strengthen coverage and accelerate development of global networks through the incubation of new businesses, the integration of horizontal and vertical resources, and the creation of a new cloud communication ecosystem.

Translated from: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zafdiuqOULrUxgpNop-GZA

WI Harper-backed cloud communication services provider, RongCloud, has completed their Series C financing round

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