WI Harper Group-backed Wynd Launches Air Quality Optimization Service Suite as Employees Return to Office


WI Harper Group | December 6, 2021 | Source: Businesswire

Wynd Technologies, a California-based maker of proprietary AI-powered indoor air monitoring and purification technologies, has announced the launch of its Indoor Air Quality Optimization Service, a suite of products that simultaneously detect, monitor, and remediate air quality within any built environment. WI Harper initially led Wynd’s Series Seed round in August 2015.

Wynd offers indoor air analysis, reporting and improvement to corporate property owners and tenants for safer, more productive workspaces post-COVID

As concerns over the health of indoor environments grow, particularly as America returns to public spaces, maintaining optimal indoor air quality is more critical than ever — 70 percent of COVID transmissions occur via the air, and 74 percent of people cite air quality as their first concern regarding the return to the office. Wynd’s Indoor Air Quality Optimization service enables healthy and productive environments for property owners, tenants, and their employees by monitoring and analyzing indoor air quality and continuously purifying air with medical-grade filter systems.

“Wynd’s data-rich air quality detection and purification technologies are a powerful asset for both consumers and companies, but employers especially need ongoing analysis, real-time reporting, and continuous improvement and protection from airborne diseases and pollutants in order to provide a healthy, safe and productive work environment,” said Raymond Wu, Wynd’s CEO. “It’s a particularly crucial time for office employers to be assessing the spaces that they want their workforce to return to and ensuring that the air quality of those spaces inspires total confidence — and even a higher quality of work — from their employees.”

The Indoor Air Quality Optimization service comprises the most comprehensive indoor air quality monitoring of health, safety, comfort and productivity in the workplace. Wynd’s industry-leading Halo air monitor and analytics measure more than 16 different variables of air quality, including metrics other devices can’t measure such as pollen, aerosols, and more. The accompanying software platform also provides reporting, real-time alerts, and recommendations to help inform users of ways to improve air quality, and uses automation tools that work in tandem with HVAC and air purifiers to proactively maintain indoor health by auto-detecting issues and making adjustments as needed. The AI-power technology then proactively communicates with building management and even sends validation reports once improvements have been made.

An integral part of this system is the Wynd Max Medical-Grade Air Purifier, which can clean a 1,200-square-foot space in just 30 minutes, and is proven to reduce or even eliminate viral spread after being tested against the airborne H1N1 virus (sister of the COVID19 virus). In trials, studies showed a 99.9 percent reduction in airborne viral load after just one hour of using the Wynd Max purifier — compared to environments that featured no purification, where 21 percent of the virus still lingered after one hour.

Wynd’s Indoor Air Quality solutions have helped numerous businesses return to the office, including leading companies in technology and professional services. Wilson Wu, a Partner at the VC firm WI Harper says, “We just started returning to the office and inviting guests over for meetings like before. Having Wynd’s Indoor Air Quality monitoring and air purification helps our employees and guests feel and be safer. Also, knowing that there’s real-time data and analytics to suggest proactive improvements for the building helps us better engage with the facility staff so the building itself can be smarter about keeping everyone healthy”.

By utilizing this combination of air analysis, monitoring, and purification software and services, employers and their workforces can see significant returns just by improving their indoor air quality — an estimated 19x return on investment annually due to improved overall productivity, energy savings and efficiency within their offices. Wynd products allow customers to unlock the multiple benefits of improved air quality, as evidenced by a growing body of scholarly work, including from Harvard researchers. The research shows better air quality can improve cognitive function, promote health, and, most importantly, reduce the spread of diseases such as COVID.

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WI Harper Group-backed Wynd Launches Air Quality Optimization Service Suite as Employees Return to Office

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