WI Harper Group was recognized as “Top 10 VC Firms in Digital Health” by VCBeat

WI Harper Group | December 23, 2019

Recently, the 2019 Future Healthcare VB 100 Conference was held in Beijing, with the theme “New Increment of Life”.  The conference is focused on the current and future state of China’s healthcare industry with a strong emphasis on policy and innovation trends.  During the event, WI Harper Group was recognized as one of the “Top 10 VC Firms in Digital Health”, alongside other renowned VC firms.

Launched by healthcare-focused VCBeat and VCBeat Research (VBR) in 2015, the Top 100 Future Healthcare (VB100) is a list of innovative medical and health private enterprises.  The goal of the VB100 is to recognize leading companies in China that represent the advancement of medical treatment and promote healthcare industry reform. 

The 2019 VB100 covers four major healthcare fields of (1) medical service, (2) innovative medical equipment, (3) digital medicine, and (4) innovative medicine.  It also covers dozens of subdivisions such as the third-party medical imaging center, mental health, electronic medical record, surgical robotics, and rehabilitation equipment.

Founded in 1993, WI Harper is a pioneering cross-border venture capital firm investing in early to growth-stage companies across the US, Greater China, and the Asia Pacific. We have invested in more than 400 companies that significantly advance – or even reinvent the wheel – the fields of healthcare, biotech, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, fin-tech, sustainability, and new media. 

In the field of healthcare, WI Harper Group primarily focuses on digital medicine, innovative biotechnological drugs, medical devices, and medical services. The company also focuses on the interdisciplinary intersection of healthcare and other technologies, such as combinations of healthcare and AI, blockchain, 5G, and other new technologies. WI Harper has invested in and successfully exited from iKang, MedicalSystem, Edan, CAVID, and many more. WI Harper has currently invested in leading start-up companies such as EdiGene, Synthego, XW Laboratories, Resvent, Labtech, Panorama Medicine, IIPharma, Enginebio, DeepBiome, Histo, Neuracle, Amwise Diagnostics, and many more. This award is a strong affirmation of WI Harper Group’s investment strategy and leading industry recognition.

| Related investment enterprises of WI Harper


MedicalSystem (Ticker CH 603990) is the leading Hospital Informatics company in China, currently specializing in providing Anesthesia Information Management Systems and Intensive Care Unit / Coronary Care Unit Information Management Systems. The company provides full life-cycle management throughout the intensive care (first aid, emergency, critical, surgery, specialized center).

Histo Pathology

Histo is the first 3rd party outsourced pathology diagnosis center to be licensed in China. It is also the country’s largest dedicated pathological diagnosis institution.  It has over 300 collaborative medical institutions and the largest hospitals coverage rate in Eastern China. Histo actively applies advanced IT to the pathology industry, establishes remote consultation platforms for difficult medical problems, develops AI auxiliary diagnosis system, and enables basic medical treatment.

Panorama Medicine

Panorama Medicine is a VC-backed startup founded by a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned computational and experimental RNA biologists. The company has leveraged the founding team’s expertise to create a drug discovery platform that integrates genomics, big data, and computing to develop therapeutic interventions (RNA Splicing) for RNA defects in disease.


IIPharma is a start-up that utilizes advanced AI technologies towards innovative drug discovery.   The company offers Intelligent Pharma Brain™, which is a proprietary AI + new drug R&D platform.


DeepBiome is an AI computational drug discovery company that was spun out from Harvard and the MIT Broad Institute.  The company is focused on the highly promising and cutting-edge field of the human microbiome, a largely untapped treasure trove for drug leads discovery. DeepBiome aspires to revolutionize the currently costly and inefficient drug discovery process by utilizing the latest artificial learning.


Enginebio was founded by Tim Lu, a scientist at the world’s leading MIT Broad Research Institute. The company has proprietary and patented technologies oriented around deciphering the complexity of biology networks, including both high-throughput wet-lab experimentation and AI algorithms for drug discovery and cellular reprogramming.

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WI Harper Group was recognized as “Top 10 VC Firms in Digital Health” by VCBeat

Resvent Medical is a Shenzhen, China-based medical device and solution company focused on medical respiration & ventilation field, with its core management team having spun out of Mindray’s hospitals respiratory division, with over a decade of experience in homecare devices, clinical respiratory healthcare, intelligent information system, related consumable & accessories and value added services, and capable of building a globally competitive respiratory player – i.e. the RESMED of China.