Sinovation Ventures

Sinovation Ventures is the leading incubator in Greater China, focusing on early stage start-ups in mobile Internet, e-commerce and cloud computing. The founding team has extensive experience in technology and product development. Founder Dr. Kai-fu Lee left Google China, where he was CEO, to build Innovation Works in September 2009. Innovation Works was the first institutionalized effort to help Chinese entrepreneurs in seed and angel stage development- providing capital, recruiting, legal, financial and IT support. Innovation Works focuses on providing the critical operation services to help startups scale up quickly, enhancing time-to-market and thus greatly increase the chance of success. As demonstrated in the past two years, IW’s unique model accelerates an entrepreneur's ability to prove ideas, recruit best talents, obtain additional external funding, build a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and explore the cross-portfolio synergy.

Sinovation Works has two programs for startups. The first program is a 3-month Jumpstart Program, which is to fund teams with 3-5 key members with product ideas or product prototypes. The second program is a 6-month Acceleration Program, which helps a team to further develop their products, acquire initial users, design business models and obtain venture capital from third party venture firms.

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